“We have found the Hoffman firm to be very responsive to our needs and priorities as a church.  They have done an excellent job of translating function to space in all of our program areas.  They have also been very sensitive to our budgetary constraints.”


Marian J. Goodman (Anona United Methodist Church)



“Hoffman Architects has a true team  approach which meant we were always just a phone call away from an architect.”


Craig N. Huegel (Brooker Creek Preserve)



“It is without a doubt the most beautiful, functional, aesthetically-pleasing and safe environment for children that I have ever seen.”


James Steen, Principal (Campbell Park Elementary School)



“Hoffman Architects flexibility in scheduling design and construction was a key to the successful completion of a beautiful example of an 1880’s vernacular style residence.”


Randall L. Dault (Safford House)



”I have found the relationship to be one of integrity and genuine concern for meeting the city’s needs and tightly established budget constraints.”


Dorothy Cramer, City Manager (Indian Rocks)



"Technology and aesthetics are blended together to make a comfortable and practical academic environment.”


Jim Moir (M.M. Bennett Library)



“A remarkable synergistic relationship . . . and many other attentive details enable the working space to exceed professional standard.”


Lynn Whitelaw (Leepa-Rattner Museum of Art)



”Hoffman Architect’s work is not only pleasing to the eye but is worked out so that it will suit our needs now and in the future.


Blaine P. LeCouris (Tarpon Springs Library)



”Thank you for your assistance and dedication to helping provide the best learning environment for students in the Pinellas County area.”


Keith Gall (Gus A. Stavros Institute)



“What really separated them from the other architectural firms in our selection process was Ed Hoffman’s and Todd Willsie’s acute sense of how children relate to facilities and their ability to carry that sense into their designs.....they never lost that focus that was so important to us.”


Jeff Pratt, Associate Headmaster (Shorecrest Preparatory School)



“We were pleased when your firm was awarded the contract and had an excellent relationship throughout the design and build process...the result was a cost-saving solution without compromising the design or the functional integrity of the systems.”


Patrick Finelli (Shorecrest Preparatory School)



“What I love best about the design is the feeling of openness- the planters, the trees, the amphitheater- yet knowing the school is locked and we’re all safe inside.”


Melissa Hill, Third-grade teacher(Prototype Elementary School)



“It is the best school I have ever been to! I like your ideas of the designs at our school. It is really fun here!"


John, Third-grader (Prototype Elementary School)



"We are very pleased with our building. Not only is it beautiful, but it is also very ‘customer friendly.’ The central courtyard design allows us to function as a ‘community.’ It is easy to see and reach all areas of the campus. No one feels isolated or separated. It is particularly easy for us to work with our students, our curriculum, and our materials in this setting."


Marlyn Dennison, Principal (Prototype Elementary School)


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